Written by Charles Gavin on July 11th 2019
I was just laid off from a previous position, and I was searching for a new gig. Day and night, week after week, sometimes until it felt like my eyes were crossed, I would apply. 

Open position after open position, from my laptop, apps on my phone and calling on my network. 


My resume wasn’t catching the eyes of the hiring managers. 

So, I knew something had to change, but what? 

I had years of experience, but something was missing.

Written by Mahjooba Bianchi on September 26th 2018
We know the PMP certification can open so many doors for your career and financial goals, but we first need to answer the question of “Do I even qualify for this cert.?” Before we get into the technicalities of things, lets first define the 3 W’s of Project Management. 

What is a Project?

Who is a Project Manager?

What is Project Management?
Written by Mahjooba Bianchi on September 5th 2018
Everyone is intelligent, we are all capable of learning most things in this world and passing the PMP® certification exam can be done on the first try.

We know that statistics prove me wrong, since the numbers say that at an average 3 out of 5 students fail the PMP Exam on the first try. 

I say, it wasn’t the students' fault that they failed, it was the training that failed them. 

 I am going to give you 5 solid tips on how to pass the PMP® exam of a monster on the first try!
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